Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tecmo Super Bowl Online

I was perusing the Internet last night when I stumbled on to a link for one of my all-time favorite NES games... Tecmo Super Bowl. I just want to say that when I found out I could play TSB online against other people I almost had an aneurysm. Knowing I can play with current rosters on the old school game play is something I have dreamed about for years. I also found out that I could rig up my Wii to play it as well. Thank you Tecmo Repository.

I first played TSB when I was 11 years old. I played it religiously against the computer for just about 8 years straight. I played countless hours of season play, zig-zagging computer drones, and breaking thousands tackles during that time. I have not played a single game for about 4 years now. I purchased a NES USB controller off and seriously waiting by the door for the USPS man (and it is Sunday). I signed up for AIM and TCP. Tecmo Players Circuit is an online center for the best Tecmo players in the world. It keeps stats for each player registered. As soon as I get the controller I want to start playing. I also signed up for a tournament in Fairfield Ohio on July 31. Probably get my head stomped in, but it’s worth it.

Some of my highlights (all against the CPU because this forum wasn’t around when I started playing) for TSB are running for 1527 yards with Bo in one game, 8 team interceptions (ATL) in one game, and maxing out the score on several occasions. I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends online and at these offline tournaments.