Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

First of all I would like to apologize to Matt Knobbe for not getting any live coverage up at the tournament. I was under the impression that the location had wireless, but that was not the case. Only one spot in the entire room had "wireless" and that spot was very low connectivity, which would not even allow us to open up a browser. Tournament directors will do a better overall recap of the tournament, but I will recall some things from my perspective.

Tournament consisted of four person pool play. I am new to the game, but from the people I met and the people I play online it looked like the pools were pretty even. I mean there were no "STACKED" pools. Every person moved on from the pool despite records to a single elimination tournament.

My pool consisted of Chet Holzbauer (WI), Jimmy "Yimme_Ball" Davidson (OH), and God help me, some guy with a throwback Chris Johnson jersey on. He told me like 50 times his name and where he was from (OH), but I can't remember... sorry bud.

My first game was against Chet Holzbauer from Wisconsin. I believe I won the coin toss and deferred. Chet picked a Tampa Bay vs Dallas matchup. Since I despise the Cowboys on this game my decision was simple. Defensive war. Chet fumbled 4 times during the course of the game (2 were lost). Michael Haddix had a Superman Snatch on a TD pass attempt to keep the score 0-0 at half. I took a 3-0 lead in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Chet came back with a long TD pass after I switched to calling runs every single play. Most of you know I do have tapping talent, but this dude is truly THE MAD TAPPER. I did not win one the entire game. It took me out of my element. He had the ball for some time and there was not much I could do. I had the ball on the final drive running successfully with Anderson and corn Cobb. I lost a fumble in the red zone with 40 seconds to play. Not a bad game against the eventual 2010 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Champion. Final score was Tampa Bay 3 - Dallas 7. GG bro. Nice taps.

Second game was against Yimme. I had to pick the matchup. I went with Phoenix vs New York Jets. Yimme took the Jets and I took the Cards. Yimme had two big bombs to Al Toon early and played well in the first half. Repeated online play had both of us picking each other’s plays and brains early. Second half was all about Johnny “on-the-spot” Johnson. Lots of jukes and popping corn. Final score was Jets 10 - Cards 21. GG man.

Third game of pool play was against Chris (that’s what I’m calling him). When he didn’t change his playbook I knew something was up. He made the comment that he thought this was a Tecmo Bowl Tournament, but didn’t hear or see Tecmo SUPER Bowl Tournament. He picked a Chargers Bucs matchup. I took the Chargers. This one got out of hand really early. Tolliver lit it up throwing 4 TD’s. Four picks, a recovered fumble, and a safety later the final score was 37-3. His 3 points came from a lost fumble by Cox on a kickoff return. Early and Miller also dropped two wide-open passes in BFE for TD’s.

I received an 11 seed going into the single elimination tournament. First opponent was Dan from Cleveland. He won the toss and picked the matchup. With some certainty he said Houston/Rams. I did a double take and wondered if he meant something else. He said no and I was wondering what the hell he knew that I didn’t. Never playing with Houston I took them because you have to be an idiot not to. Kickoff return for me = fumble and take it to the house. 0-7 Dan. FUUUUUUUDGE. Good start huh? When I got the ball back I ran the skin off the pig with 19 ball control Lorenzo White. I ran like freaking Forrest Gump (making sure I went out of bounds every single time). When he became frustrated by the run, I threw deep only to complete two deep balls for TD’s. Lorenzo did the rest. Best plays calls all day. He did not have one called play all game. Game changer was the drive after half time when he was cruising at midfield and Ray… no I didn’t stutter Childress picked off Everett to Anderson at the first down marker. It was the difference maker. Final score Houston 28 – Los Angeles 21. GG Dan, and sorry about Lebron.

Next game was against Johnny Bailey (not the Bear) from Wisconsin. He won the toss and I had to call… boo. I chose Seattle versus Cleveland. I was fully aware he would choose the Browns (I love the Seahawks). Best called game all day. We both were frustrated with the lack of defenses, but played near flawless. I was on Webster Slaughter like the dirty jersey he was wearing all game. Score was 21 all when he went for a 45 yarder with time expiring. No question. Final score was Cleveland 24 – Seattle 21. I played well. Hindsight is 20/20, but I probably should have went for a Cincy/Denver game. Oh well.

Many first round blowouts (as expected). Memorable games that I watched were Frank versus a local. I believe he was down 14 with 3 minutes to play and won in OT. Frank’s defeat against Johnny Bailey. BigMV versus Josh Holzbauer (Josh won a tough one).

The final four were Daboy (KY), Johnny Bailey (WI), Josh Holzbauer (WI), and Chet Holzbauer (WI). Josh and Chet played a Giants/Bills Championship. Chet’s Giants won 37-14 to win the title.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Online Tecmo League

Today I was lucky enough to join the High Speed Tecmo League (HSTL) in its 17th season. My team is the Miami Dolphins. I acquired the team with a 3-2 record. My star offensive player is Neal Anderson and my star defensive player is Seth Joyner. I am very excited to start this league. The season ends on July 25 and I have 11 games to make up!