Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tecmo Christmas

Twas the night before Madison, when in the hotel, all competitors were scrimmaging, including tecmodell.

Preparations and play calls were accompanied by beer, in hopes that the Tecmo gods would bring them good cheer.

Drunkenness and sore thumbs put the competitors to bed, while visions of JJs danced in their heads.

Hungover by morning and riding with Matt, we pull into the venue and settled in to the pool play format.

Before festivities began I looked up at the TV, only to see Josh reading from the Book of L.T.

Now it is game time and make sure you have a cup, to get you prepared for those perplexing matchups.

From screen to screen then what did appear, but a game changing fumble by Mike Rozier.

The crowd became enraged with an eruption of cheer, I knew my tournament hopes were swirling this year.

More rapid than tapping, the gods they interfered, a quick strike, a cover catch, and the three from mid-field.

Survived another pool play and picked up some grub, and then see my bracket path, please hit me with a club.

First it's Flo, then one of the Matts, third is Tony, next is Luke, on to Mort, only to face Chet and loathe this great sport.

Despite this gauntlet, and despite my odds, this is Tecmo and anything is possible from the gods.

Round one I ran on the back of Earnest Byner, I blocked out the noise reminiscent of a jetliner.

Round of 32 I rifled the passing speed, how dare you give me the option of B.J. Tolliver or Rodney Peete?

Sweet 16 oh how sweet is it, Orenga and your posse, well you can eat shit.

Elite 8 is here and this was my day, as I caught some luck against ArtVandalay.

The semi-final had a malfunction of the player 1 controller port, but the replay was not magic for the great one called Mort.

The final was here and of course it was Chet, line'em up, line'em up and place your bet.

I called Houston - San Francisco and he took Montana to Rice, Dick Dick I need you to put them on ice.

Tied at 42 and only six seconds remain, the ball at the 48 and then I hear the rain.

The rain might you ask with superstar teams, yes the rain hitting the window as I wake up from my dreams.


Merry Christmas and/or holiday of your belief to all you Tecmo brethren.