Friday, August 12, 2011

WTFC 1992 Season Opener: IND @ PIT

The new look Colts headed east to face rival Pittsburgh in the season opener of the WTFC 1992 season. The Colts boast a talented rookie QB in Brad Johnson along with newly acquired RB Barry Foster from Minnesota. The Colts defense was bolstered in the secondary with Carnell Lake and Barney Bussey, along with rookie standout Troy Vincent. The very weak LB core from the 1991 season also changed with the addition of Chris Spielman and rookie draft picks Quentin Coryatt and Dwayne Sabb. The Steelers snagged Earnest Byner from the Colts during the off-season while keeping Gary Anderson and Christian Okoye in the backfield. LB Mike Croel and DB Wayne Haddix were going to make it tough on this new-look young Colts team.

GAME RECAP in attached vid:

WTFC 1992 Season Opener from Tecmo Psycho on Vimeo.

Colts come into Pittsburgh for the week 1 matchup in 1992 WTFC season.

Game ball goes to rookie Jason Hanson for drilling 3 FG. Coach tecmopsycho was not happy about the defense after the game. Seemed like every time our guys went in for a tackle they got popped off the line or just bounced off the ball carrier.

GG swamp and GLRW.