Saturday, March 2, 2013

Travel and Pre-Tournament Festivities

Hit a bad snag of traffic in Chicago.  Wasn't nearly as bad as last year.  Decided to skip the tolls this year and took a bunch of back roads through northern Illinois and eastern Wisconsin.  Daboy8821 rode with me again this year and got a bad case of McDonald's pains.  Not a restroom in sight.  We finally discovered a small hole-in-the-wall bar called Snuffy's Still.  He reported that it was very embarrassing to have all the locals stare at him while he made the march to the John.

We realized we got the same hotel as last year.  We played several games before heading to the early bird registration.  Got to the Badger Bowl and they had about 16 TVs/stations going.  We played each other several times again.  Met a few from online for the first time (Dave Murray and Travis R./moulds33).  Talked with the Vogts, O'Dell, Toolie, Louis B., and the Wisconsin crew.  Several were there getting in pre-tournament reps.

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